The Walter Kaitz Foundation foundation - Courageous Conversations

AI and DEI: A Brave New World

December 8, 2021

4:00 PM Eastern 

1:00 PM Pacific

Courageous Conversations is a quarterly virtual series produced by the Walter Kaitz Foundation. These webcasts feature timely discussions with thought leaders in media and entertainment and are designed to educate, inform and encourage action.

About this Event

Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technological transformations we’ve seen in recent times. As an industry, we face the critical task of accelerating its positive impact and minimizing the potential harms by ensuring DEI considerations are integrated at every step of its activation. A host of experts will discuss both the opportunities and pitfalls of AI and its impact on diverse communities. The presentation includes a powerful keynote presentation by a leading technologist to help demystify and “humanize” AI. This is followed by a primer from a subject-matter expert to arm the audience with the ability to ask the right questions in their work in everyday language. What follows next is an enriching conversation that will examine algorithmic bias, governance, ethics, and best practices, including innovations in talent recruitment & retention and customer service technology.